Fake It til You Make It: 5 Kitchen Countertop DIY Disguises

Can Opener
Can Opener
Good, Great, or just OK?
Can Opener Cuisinart Deluxe Stainless-Steel Electric Can Opener How to Style Shelves on a Budget 7 Ideas for a Farmhouse Inspired Kitchen {on a BUDGET}
Just bought myself this new can opener Smooth Edge Can Opener on Williams-Sonoma.com

Unfinished basements can be dark and dingy.  They usually come with an exposed or open beam ceiling that reveals all the pipes, vents and wiring that are the inner workings for the basic functions of your house.  Remodeling the entire basement as you might the rest of your house can be expensive, but there are …

Cool Basement Ceiling Idea. Basement ceiling idea could be really cool if there was tube lights or led’s shining through from behind it. hative.com/…

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