A Can Opener That Takes Up Less Drawer Space — Faith’s Daily Find 01.18.16

Can Opener
Can Opener I’ve wanted to open a store in Northern California for as long as I can remember, so I’m very excited about our just-opened Palo Alto boutique. Gone are the days when you felt like a pack mule! The Bonheur Constant Document Tote allows you to carry your papers & files in a secure & sophisticated way. You can conveniently hold this cute tote by the handle! The zipper goes 90 degrees around the tote so you can open it wide & zip it all the way closed. Organize important notes & small items in the inner open pocket for safe-keeping. There are 4 classic styles to pick from so take your planner, notebook, files, & books with you in… Electric Can Opener. Slim, extra tall design to open extra tall cans. Includes bottle opener and knife #sharpener. The #detachable chrome cutting accessory is … Compact Can Opener // attaches and locks onto lid, so you can open the can using…

Sébastien in #Antwerpen www.newplacestobe.com“Can spend all day here. Check out @stefankarlstrom for more from this space #london” The power of the can opener. Pink Sunbeam Electric Can Opener. ( Retro / Vintage Mid Century Kitchen Appliance ) We had one of these when I was a kid as soon as we made the noise of it, the cat would appear as she thought we were opening her tin of food! This Tiny House Features a Genius Wall of Shutters You Can Open Wide – One of the biggest challenges with tiny house design is figuring out how you can maximize your privacy while still letting plenty of light into a small space. The last thing you want is a cramped structure without enough windows; this not only feels dark and confining, but doesn’t take advantage of integration with outdoor spaces; it is a missed opportunity. Funny Animal Picture Dump Of The Day 28 Pics

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