sashiko embroidery…I really love pillow cases with embroidery on them. Reminds me of my grandma, she use to sit and stitch and taught me how. I still sleep on an embroidered pillowcase.

Pillow Cases
Pillow Cases
Good, Great, or just OK?
Pillow Cases DIY Vintage Style Pillow Cases DIY No Sew Pillow Covers Spiral Flowers 36 – Sashiko White Sampler with Thread
Pillowcases make great personalized gifts. I can teach you how to make a perfect pillowcase overtime sing my Burrito Method and this Pillowcase Pattern. It is Easiest Way to Sew a Pillowcase and have it turn out perfectly every time. And, all seams are enclosed. The Seasoned Homemaker

This is a super simple tutorial for a DIY pillow case. If you know how to sew a straight line, you can sew this! It will only take about 15 minutes!

DIY Sharpie Pillowcases by A Subtle Revelry – tons of cool sharpie tutorials! Would be cute idea for kids bedrooms


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